Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is one of our core values and a significant part of our business.

We understand social responsibility as care for society and the environment, which is integrated throughout the organisation and applied to all our relationships, observes the expectations of all stakeholders, and contributes to sustainable development, including health and social wellbeing.

Responsibility towards colleagues and society

We maintain respectful and transparent relationships with all stakeholders and treat them fairly and ethically.
Razvijamo organizacijsko kulturo, ki spodbuja zaupanje in sodelovanje.
We offer flexible work arrangements and adaptable working conditions.
We regularly provide education and trainings, as well as numerous options for gaining new knowledge and skills.
We regularly organise gatherings, teambuilding events, and celebrations to form connections, create a positive work environment, and foster a culture of cooperation.
We encourage care for health and fitness by organising various sports activities (hiking, gym workouts, exercise classes, volleyball, etc.).
We participate at different charity events, provide pro-bono consultations, promote and engage in corporate volunteering, as well as support the work of various organisations through donations.
We collaborate with educational institutions and student organisations.
We foster an organisational culture that cultivates trust and collaboration.
We provide paid traineeship to students.
Children and pets are welcome at our offices.
We are holders of the Socially Responsible Employer Certificate.

Environmental Responsibility

We strive to reduce business trips.
We use a company bicycle.
We separate waste.
We collect empty toners and cartridges and recycle them.
We use only tap water.
We maintain our electronic devices regularly and only replace them when truly necessary.
We switch off electronic devices and use energy-saving lightbulbs.
We are increasing the volume of paperless business.


Trust, knowledge, collaboration, respect, and responsibility – these are the values we foster.

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We are building a culture of trust by encouraging trust in ourselves and our abilities, among colleagues, in the management, and in the mission as well as the goals of the organisation.

Our relationships with colleagues, clients, business partners and other stakeholders are built on trust.

We gain our clients’ trust by focusing on each client’s business objectives, being dedicated, professional and responsive, and by adhering to high standards of business integrity and professional ethics.


We understand the value of intellectual capital and believe that comprehensive knowledge of legal areas and the broad expertise of our team are key to success.

We continuously increase and improve our knowledge to ensure a high level of professionalism and adapt to new demands of our work, as well as to the changes and challenges of our environment.

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We believe that we are stronger together.

We promote collaboration, team spirit, information flows, and knowledge-sharing among colleagues. We face challenges together, seek the best solutions, and attain goals.

We collaborate with reputable international law firms and are a member of international networks of independent law firms, Lex Mundi and SEE Legal, allowing us to both follow and co-create international legal trends.


We believe that mutual respect is the basis of quality relationships.

We respect the dignity and integrity of our employees, equal opportunities, cultural and individual diversity, and encourage integration.



We are committed to responsibility in all areas of our work – in our business, when practising law, when sharing knowledge, and in training the next generation of lawyers.

We adhere to agreements and assume responsibility for our work, actions, and results.

Our social responsibility is reflected in our care for our employees and our investment in their development, in our fair and transparent relationship towards our employees, clients, and business partners, as well as in our relationship towards the environment and the society in which we operate.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Social Fund.

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